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Paida Lajin Courses

PaidaLajin Self-Healing techniques and practices that originate from ancient Chinese medicine accompany over a hundred courses offered at the Pailala institute at affordable costs. The institute programs consist of weekly and monthly classes with diverse membership categories charged at $1 on newly registered members on the first week of registration. The membership covers Basic Programs at $1 per month and thirteen videos and newsletters; Supporting Program which comprises of thirty podcasts and sixteen classes; and Premier with hundred and five lessons accompanied by direct lessons by Hongchi Xiao personally. The membership price range includes Basic charges are $1 per month, Supporting costs $9 while Premier begins from $19 each month from a starting price of $1 in the first week across all programs.

Pailala Shop Products and Services

As a business, Hongchi Xiao also accompanies his self-healing services with other products that improve the healing process. The products provided are used for both Paida and Lajin for slapping and for stretching the tendons respectively. Some of the Paida products include the Big Slapper, Hand-Shaped slapper, and Slapper while the Lajin products include the Wooden Lajin Bench, Portable Lajin Bench Folding Aluminum Bench, and Folding Wooden Lajin Bench. Also, the products available on Pailala website include his books for his clients to read and learn about Paida Lajin.

Hongchi Xiao Workshops

Hongchi Xiao has held multiple workshops in different countries worldwide which include the United States, Australia, Germany and more. The studios have been attended by different groups of people who have significantly benefited from Xiao’s work. Additionally, the videos and newsletters provided at these workshops improve the self-healing technique to new patients who are learning Paida and Lajin for the first time.