paida lajin self-healing

Paida Lajin – A Brief Overview

Paida Lajin has been proven by Hongchi Xiao to improve body health through the release of Qi energy which is affected by stress and depression. According to Xiao, the condition results during stress which blocks the flow of Qi energy resulting in pain and health problems. The application of Paida through the slapping method improves blood flow in the affected region hence stimulating the body to provide a self-healing power. On the other hand, Lajin involves stretching of the tendons which consequently releases the blocked Qi energy to flow to more body parts hence creating equilibrium to all parts of the body.

Conditions Healed By Paida Lajin

paida lajinThe self-healing technique has relieved multiple chronic problems which have similarly shown positive results. Some of the diseases that have responded favorably include acute problems such as stomachaches, menstrual problems, and heart conditions; skin diseases for instance psoriasis, rashes and itching; women problems including fibroids, skin aging problems, and obesity; and immune disorders such as dementia, insomnia, arthritis, and diabetes.

Hongchi Xiao Achievements

Hongchi Xiao has managed to delivery his self-healing techniques to many patients worldwide especially China and Asia in general. Since he began educating people about Paida Lajin, Xiao has managed to heal millions of people around the world through slapping and tendon stretching. Many people have accepted his method and have managed to bring out their inner healing power and got cured. Despite some criticizing his methods, Xiao has impacted many lives in the community.

Besides, he has managed to write books and appeared in multiple workshops, seminars and TV shows. He has become so successful in the business currently teaching more people about the technique and expanding his career to reach more patients. Some of the countries he has traveled and offered his services include the United States, Germany, China, New Zealand, Malawi, South Africa, Bulgaria, Indonesia, and India.